Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And it oozes ever more

And it oozes ever more, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.
Again, I find that I am instructing myself to keep the world informed about my progress and work. I admit, I am bad about it. I'm not a blogger, I am an artist who blogs. And there, the struggle exists. So, I attempt to be better about making time to share my current progress with work, etc. In the last 2 years, I have been in "research mode" of my art making process. I have finished all of my formal gallery onligations, completed all scheduled exhibitions, and fallen "off the grid" if you will. It has been GREAT. I have been doing very cool work for a non-profit in Developmental Disabilities. It has been an amazing experience.

With my art, I have been researching and maniuplating psychological data from Georgia State University and Emory University's psychology labs. Purely research, purley manipulation. Nothing really to show to world-- YET. It has been reflective and frustrating.

So here is an in progress shot of an ink painting, something I consider my way of "sketching."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheap Paper presents "SOLID GOLD" @ MINT Gallery May-June 2010

hand casts, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Well, I have been incredibly negligent in posting about current projects, exhibitions, and happenings going on so I am attempting to be better about it.

To start, I'd like to announce the success of Cheap Paper's (an artist collective I am a part of) 2nd show, "SOLID GOLD" @ MINT Gallery in Atlanta, GA May 22nd-June 12th

Cheap Paper, consisting of 11 amazing Atlanta-based artists, thought we would break down the hierarchy of the artist-gallery-curator-patron relationships and open up negotiation to the patron- in essence, cut out the middle man. This is not a new concept, but one we believe in and one we felt was appropriate for our current status. We opened up conversations with guests and patrons with our slogan "Make me an Offer." Patrons were encouraged to offer anything they felt was appropriate: the amount they felt it was worth, what was in their pocket, or anything they could offer- even an oil change or cake. The artist could deny or accept, or negotiate with the patron with no pressure or expectations. Additionally, the patron could find out exactly what the were purchasing by having a one-on-one discussion with the artist about that specific piece. We sold A LOT of work and have stockpiles more to replace the sold pieces and completely change the space for our upcoming re-showings of the show!

"SOLID GOLD" consisted of sculpture, video installations, paper drawings, paintings, balloons, and misc. objects all surrounding the viewer to make them feel comfortable touching and exploring the space.

Cheap Paper will be having multiple viewings of this show:
June 6th- MINT Gallery will be open during the Paper Twin's exhibition for the beltline Sunday evening
June12th- "SOLID GOLD"'s closing reception as part of the "after party" for other local openings, including an opening @ Beep Beep Gallery From 9:30 pm till whenever! This will be GOLD DISCO themed!

For more info check out:
MINT Gallery
Cheap Paper blog
Cheap Paper facebook
Atlanta Beltline art
Paper Twins facebook
Beep Beep Gallery

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Faux Comforter"

"Faux Comforter", originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

This is an in-progress shot of a side project I am working on for an exhibition in the "Pheonix Flies" events being put on by the Atlanta Preservation Center

21 artists will be showing in a site-specific installation show at the beautiful Daughters of the American Revolution house on Piedmont Ave in Atlanta, GA

Among those 21 are the 11 artists of the new artists' collective, Cheap Paper, including myself. We are an artist collective working together to bring art into our community and conquer the challenge of art making in the hostile environment we call the art world.

The show will be about each artist's relationship to Atlanta, GA, connecting to broader concepts, ideas, and locations

March 6th-22nd is the exhibition

My piece is going to be a hand-made toddler bed with a faux comforter made of envelopes I have saved from my entire life and the present. I am sewing them together to make a blanket of nostalgia and connection to the world as a whole.

I will keep you updated!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roll Year, Roll

Well, the blog is back up, after a month of pure devastation! I accidentally deleted my google account (don't ask), therefore terminating the blog and a year's worth of material! After much stress, struggle, and begging, google finally restored it for me!
A lot has happened during my forced blog-cation:
-After putting myself through college, penny for penny, for 6 years, I finally graduated! (this was celebrated in my previous post)
-I found out my baby sister is pregnant! I am expecting my second nephew, Damien, sometime around the end of March! (That will be TWO hyper boys to deal with now!) - As some of you might know, I am very involved in my nephew (and family's) life. My family is tiny and we are often involved with each other too much (just the way it is) so having my nephews are the closest thing I have to my own kids!
-I am working on/getting involved/planning/planting seeds to a LOT of amazing art projects. Some are my own, some are with collaborations, and some are with my new collective, Cheap Paper. I am super excited about them, and hope to eventually be able to devote unconditional love to them. I'll keep you posted!
-I am on a mission to get a "decent" paying job. Of course, in this climate and with my fields, this could take years. But I am determined to find a position I really love
-In the mean time, I did get a new job as a Geriatric Personal Aid. It is at least in the human service industry. I don't get to do as much art, both inside and outside the job, as I like, but it is flexible. I am just thankful to have a little extra work right now, as many people don't
-I already have several exhibitions booked for this year, and I will keep you updated!
-I've sold a lot of paintings recently and have several commission opportunities
-My father is in rehab, after being intoxicated for over 30 years. I am so proud of him, and hope he gets well soon.
-Ive made it a MUST DO priority to eat the best I can and work-out daily. Ive always been healthy, super strong, and exercised, but Ive decided I have to do this before anything else (REALLY hard!). Even art. Even if I miss exhibition opportunities, I have decided it is worth it.
-and more...

Whew! So, as you can seen, I am a busy woman. I hope the new year has brought some great things to all of you.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Myself, Mom, Kerry, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting with ancillary studies in Psychology at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA
December 2009

A nice way to end the year!

*Pic is of myself, my mom, and my older sister, Kerry

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Last day of undergrad!

Last undergrad critique!

^^^These three panels are 3 of a larger series of multi-layer painting/drawings. They are panels with watercolor paper overlaid with mylar. More to come...

I just wanted to share this moment of joy with everyone. I have completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. I have gotten great feedback and feel I am on a strong path to better work. I feel like I am on to something big...

Thanks to all who have supported me in the many ways possible: artistically, emotionally, socially, and on the blogosphere!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

AXIOM: The New Alchemy, a Cheap Paper show

Well, Atlanta-based artist collective Cheap Paper's debut show was a major success! We had a HUGE turnout with all positive feedback. The empty loft space looked absolutely amazing after our 2 day renovation and hard work. Everyone's work looked great in the space!

The entire "AXIOM: baby proof" event, consisting of several Old Fourth Ward's empty commercial spaces turned into exhibitions, a live mural, Fundred Dollar Bill project, DJ, Drive by Press, and such, was pretty awesome.

***Special thanks to Public Acts of Art for getting this event to happen and Wonderroot for sponsoring the Cheap Paper exhibition! Thanks to Danny, Chris, and all of the other incredible people who made this happen!***

Check out pics @: my Flickr and Cheap Paper on Facebook

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Come see some great ART this weekend!

Response painting 6 b, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Come out and see some great Atlanta ART!

Thursday 11/19- MOCA GA (Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia)
Pin-Up Show: works from local artist members
All works 12" x 16" or under
(yes, I will be showing a little piece)

MOCA Pin-up Show Info

Saturday 11/21- AXIOM's Old Fourth Ward Revival!
Tons of local work by amazing artists
Several exhibitions going down at the same time!

Creative Loafing has the low-down!

One of the shows in AXIOM is "Wonderroot Presents: The New Alchemy, a Cheap Paper show"

Cheap Paper is a brand spanking new [awesome] Atlanta-based artist collective I am a part of consisting of emerging artists trying to survive [and thrive]

Check out Cheap Paper on Facebook for the 411

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cheap Paper: Atlanta's coolest Artist Collective!

Attention Peeps!

I am a part of a new, progressive Artist Collective called Cheap Paper, consisting of 12 amazing Atlanta, GA based artists!

"Cheap Paper:

Cheap Paper is an Atlanta-based artist's collective, committed to breaking through the recessionary haze to support new and fresh movements in the city's art scene. We are individual studio artists united by our inability to fear our circumstances, and instead choose to embrace them. We are resourceful, creative and determined - despite lack of time, lack of funding, or lack of studio space. We face a new era of art-making, where mediums are often intangible and disciplinary lines are completely broken down, and our "art scene" is not just local - it's global. We have a more serious responsibility to respect environmental concerns, and to work smarter and safer. As a result of these 21st century challenges, each member of our group works as an interdisciplinary artist, using alternative materials and techniques to address contemporary societal observations and concerns. As a collective, our goals are to support one another in our efforts to prove that it is possible to succeed as an emerging artist at this point in time, to encourage growth in our local art community, and to provide one another with fresh and critical perspectives (and maybe a bit of a safety net) while pursuing our individual goals.

In other words...
We make ART!
Please support us by becoming a fan of us on Facebook and following our blog!

Cheap Paper Facebook Fan Page!!!

Cheap Paper Blog!!!

We thank you for your support and time!

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Monday, November 02, 2009


Drawing for the sake of Drawing

This is where my mind goes to unknown places. And the absolute best places.

I think the clearest, process the most information, strategize the sharpest, problem solve the best, and have the most intimate thoughts with myself when I am drawing for the sake of drawing

I have been doing this a long time, like many artists, where I begin and end a drawing during a specific time-frame, event, or circumstance. In this drawing, I was in a talk/panel discussion with professional artists speaking about professional practices. Nothing was said that I hadn't thought of before, but in drawing things became clearer. I feel I processed the information better because of the way my mind, hand and whatever other force you can name, all fell in-sync.

I just wish all my other information gathering sessions allowed me this same opportunity.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Response Painting

Response painting 2 a, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

This is an in-progress painting/drawing a part of an interview project. I am doing purely visual abstract paintings and then interviewing strangers about them. I am then taking the information collected and playing with the data sets. More to come on this project.

I am also accepting any questions/ideas in regards to this idea: what questions would you like to be asked? ect... All input is welcome!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Bold Colors" - My 1st Artist Interview

My interview!!! Go read it!!!

**Special thanks to Phyllis Ortega from Vinings Arts and Crafts Examiner for seeking me out and working with me!

Check out her blogs...

The Ultimate Book Soiree
Are You Up for the Challenge?

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Controlled Chaos- In-progress

This work is one of a series of 3 (as of now) I'm working on today. The works are 23" x 35" mixed media on mylar atop watercolor paper atop panel....confused? Me too. I'm thinking of controlled chaos in these works. I am working towards creating a pseudo science of my own via means of drawing, painting, writing, and fabricating my own data and data collecting method. Ill update as that eventually makes sense, if ever.

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-Robin L. Gillis

Monday, September 21, 2009

(perhaps) love project triptych e

(perhaps) love project triptych e, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.
The "(perhaps) love project" is moving along, slowly but surely. This is a later stage of a large triptych we are working on.

check out...

"project (perhaps) love"

To see in-progress shots of "(perhaps) love project"...

"(perhaps) love" in-progress shots!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm a NEW Online Groupie

HEY!! Im on

"Mixed Media Art!"

Check out my profile:

Mixed Media Art Profile: Robin Gillis

What's in a name

Click Here to check your own name

I thought this was interesting.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Update: Affordable Original Artwork

NEW artwork on SALE on my ETSY site!!

**Link is on the right-hand side of the page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I have been too busy to blog so I thought Id share what I have been doing lately. I'm working on shows, exhibitions, my conceptual work with psychology, and ETSY affordable art!

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-Robin L. Gillis

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The burdens we carry

I have desperately tried to forget. I have done so in an effort to survive. But some things don't resolve themselves, as people so desperately want you to believe.

My [estranged] father is a chronic alcoholic and is killing himself while on a path to kill others. Withing the last year, he was arrested for the #th (?) time for a DUI, and finally, FINALLY, after losing dozens of jobs over the last 30 years, been reported to the board to have his Pharmaceutical License suspended-- indefinitely. Yes, that's right, he filled your family's prescriptions. In addition, he had lost several jobs before that, was evicted, totaled a car, and completely isolated himself from everyone meaningful in his life, something he has been working as for 40 years. Despite the fact that my father is he most arrogant and pathetic person I have ever come across, everyone in my family who can afford to pay for his rehab is refusing to. I don't know if it would even make a difference, but I still feel I need to try to find an affordable program. This is a miserable situation to be in as a family member of an addict: your hands are tied, and you feel like it is your fault/responsibility, yet you have to sit back and watch the train wreck--and this can be LITERAL.

It was how my aunt was killed. She was drunk and tried to beat a train over the tracks- She was killed instantly. She was young, in grad school, her whole life ahead of her, as they say. This little story is amongst the dozens of stories of my family members who have had thier lives somehow sabatoged by alcoholism and fallen victim to their own personalities.
The reality is my father may not even do as he is required to maintain his only contribution to society- his employment. In all other areas of life, he greatly lacks any purpose. I fear that with this newest development, he will no longer have anything stopping him from complete obliteration of anything in his path.

For me, family is so important. It is not something I can just walk away from. This doesnt mean growing up e all sat around the dinner table and chatted about our hopes, dreams, desires, or even our day, but it is something innate. Not all people feel this way. I get comments all the time in reference to the fact I usually always answer my baby sister's calls (which often can be rather needy requests). This is not something that is negotiable: I am there for my family, no matter how crappy our relationships, pasts, and situations may be. Period.

My family is tiny and dysfunctional. Most people say that, and sometimes it is true, but mine are truly larger than life characters, as there are fewer characters filling the stage. This means each person fills a bigger role of importance. And part of this cast is my father. The man who wished I were a boy, and still does. The man who beat my mother as our tiny faces watched in horror. The man who paraded us around his girlfriends all disguised as ever growing adoration for us. The man who [insert horrid things, the list goes on]. That man. That man I cannot help but love and try to remember as the good father he occasionally showed us he was. He is the reason why I exist. He loves me. He is funny. He is smart. And he continues to break my heart every day. As grown as I am, as self-sufficient as I am, as loved as I am, as busy as I am, I cannot ever escape the destructive power of his situation, and by circumstance, my situation.

People have told me, "you just have to move and live you life in order to survive" or "you've done all you can do" or "he can't be helped unless he wants help" and other similar statements of resolve and encouragement. Well, I speak from experience and say: That does not work. You can do as stated above, but every day, little moments are stolen by the fleeting massacre going on in your mind, in your heart and worst of all, your conscience. Logic does not conquer emotion. In 'rock, paper, scissors,' emotion is the scissors that cut right through that paper, logic. Its useless.

One must learn to live with the reality. I will survive. It is those moments stolen from me by my father that won't.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Listen with your Eyes" @ Solstice Cafe 8/7 Opening

"Listen with your Eyes", originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Thanks all who came out to support us! Sold one both pieces. It was either my talent or my sob story that I need another car...hmm... Probably the latter, but I'll pretend the former.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SAAM Jean Shin Exhibit

SAAM Jean Shin Exhibit, originally uploaded by Mr. T in DC.

I found this interesting.

Caution: artist working

Caution: artist working, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Just me working on some recent paintings. I am attempting to make myself ambidextrous by using my left hand. Results inconclusive.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"Listen with your Eyes" @ Solstice Cafe

"Listen with your Eyes" Art Show @ Solstice Cafe in Grant Park!

Opening Friday August 7th 7pm-9pm

Featuring AWESOME local artists, including myself and fellow (perhaps) love project artists Jonathan Chang (seen left) and Eric White!

Come check out these down to earth folk, and have a drink with us!

562 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA, 30312

More info on the (perhaps) love project @:
"(perhaps) love project"

In-progress photo updates for the (perhaps) love project and my own work @:
Updated in-progress shots

Check out work I have for sale @:
"Eye Food" my Etsy Shop

Special thanks to Solstice Cafe and Erin Palovick for facilitating this event!

Solstice Cafe in Grant Park:
Solstice Cafe

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The FaniNaka Show

Yet another collaboration project I am trying to work on with brilliant artists. This is the art baby of Amir Khalfani. I will update when the first episode is complete.

More info on this project @:

A Mir Drawing Board

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Neural Dance 2"

"Neural Dance 2", originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Finally got my Etsy shop up!

Go take a look! Heart the page!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ART Sale @ Colony Square - My Booth

Art Sale at Colony Square...trying to sell work on the cheap.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Color Bleed

This is another little still film I did for the (perhaps) love project. This film is a little more abstract than the last. This film is a documentation of color as it bleeds, mixes, and changes through time. It is intended as a parallel for the chemical reactions that happen in someone when they love.

Click on the photo to watch the film. Enjoy.

For more info on the project...

"(perhaps) love project"

Check out both films through the URL...


Thursday, July 02, 2009

(pehaps) love project panel 1 a

Panel bud 1 a, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

When you are busy, the key is to keep it small...

This is one of 5 small panels under way for the (perhaps) love project. The idea is that there are 4 artists and 20 panels. Each artist will begin on 5 panels. 1 of each panel will be swapped with each of the other artists, 1 panel will be continued to be worked on by the artist (a self-collaboration, if you will), and 1 will be left alone in its minimal state.

In the end we will have mini-collaborations between each artists (1 from each artist starting the work first), mini-collaborations with ourselves, and 4 single panels that will show the "seed" of each artists idea.

This is the panel I will be collaborating on with myself.

"(perhaps) love project"

"(perhaps) love project" in-progress shots

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Triptych detail 4

Triptych detail 4, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.
Stage 1 completed of the (perhaps) love project phase 2.

We have begun... a large canvas, a canvas triptych, a series of mini-board drawings, and individual work (varied, of course).

My specific focus on the project is concepts dealing with chemical reactions and the science behind "love." Included in my work are marks, movements, and imagery that 'mimic' molecular bonding, neurotransmitters, and ect.

On to Stage 2...

Check out in progress shots as we keep working:

"(perhaps) love project in-progress shots"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cat Pillow

Me and Kitty, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Many of us share this rediculous and illogical love for our pets, and I thought I would share mine.

She really does not want me laying on her, but she tolerates it out of devotion.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today I look like my father.