Sunday, June 28, 2009

Triptych detail 4

Triptych detail 4, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.
Stage 1 completed of the (perhaps) love project phase 2.

We have begun... a large canvas, a canvas triptych, a series of mini-board drawings, and individual work (varied, of course).

My specific focus on the project is concepts dealing with chemical reactions and the science behind "love." Included in my work are marks, movements, and imagery that 'mimic' molecular bonding, neurotransmitters, and ect.

On to Stage 2...

Check out in progress shots as we keep working:

"(perhaps) love project in-progress shots"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cat Pillow

Me and Kitty, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Many of us share this rediculous and illogical love for our pets, and I thought I would share mine.

She really does not want me laying on her, but she tolerates it out of devotion.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today I look like my father.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Collab24b, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Collaborative work of Krystal and I

Second stage

In-progress shots of Krystal and I's collaborative work

Monday, June 15, 2009

Drawing bud 1 c

Drawing bud 1 b, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

A solo drawing in progress for the (perhaps) love project

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thank you for my 250 FREE business cards! It does get tiring drawing, painting and writing my own. My handwriting is also terrible - not a great selling point!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I worry, thank god

Lately I have experienced what many people take advantage of every day. I have had the priviledge to live a "balanced" life. What an amazing feeling. I am so elated by the mundane. I say this is a privilege because it is. So many people in industrialized countries live as is they are entitled to health, time, work, housing, food, comfort, and family. These things are not ours to always have. Not all of us are born and given these precious things. Some of us have to work 20 times harder to reach equilibrium. I often am reminded that I am one of these people. There is an upside to this. I beleive, maybe falsely, that I am more appreciative of these precious things I have listed above than most. I listen to the "gripes" of people around me, and I wonder if that "gripe" ever even entered into my radar. Often times the answer is no. I wasn't worried about my GPA, I was worried about my father's blood alcohol level (at the same time maintaining a high GPA). I was never one to be concerned with fashion labels or impressing people. I usually was worried whether or not I would be able to afford any clothing at all. Even the thrift store shirts that cost $.50. I usually was wondering how I was to pay my bills that month, if my spoouse was happy, and wondered whether my family would make it.

My point is sometimes we forget to be thankful for the KINDS of worries we have. Some are superior to others. Analyze your own concerns: Do you worry about paying your rent or whether or not you get that internship? Which one REALLY is more dire? If you don't get that internship, will you be homeless? What about that GPA? Should you be thankful you even have the opportunity to have such things as "GPA"s, to be educated at all? We all say we work for what we have, but do we really? Have you? Look around, and be thankful. You are not entitled. Maybe just lucky.
I feel I am lucky. I am lucky to, at this moment, to have what I have. I have worked for every last stitch of it, but I am still lucky to have had the opportunity. I am so thankful to have what I have, so very very thankful. I have strived for the balanced life, the life I see so many has had given to them. Although nothing good ever lasts, I am taking in every second of this fleeting balanced life of mine.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"Portrait of a boy wearing a mask holding a rifle"

Interesting photo

Locked out from my love

My precious cat and I have been separated. I have locked myself out of my own bedroom, as my cat calls for me on the other side. I tried desperately to create a tool to break in and force screwdrivers to unlock the door and free my little pet. All attempts failed. I await my hispanic maintaince man hero to set her free, and then give a her a good pet (he absolutely adores this cat). Then, he shall conclude with an excited, "bueno!" as he does when he has finished a task in the apartment!
We will see how this drama unfolds. :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Collab24a, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

A new collab piece:

We will see what happens to it Thursday, which is the day it no longer will mine but instead another animal


I finally have purchased a digital camera, after years of borrowing. I actually realized that we borrowed this one video camera/digital camera (back in the day when cameras were not video but video was camera) for over 3 years, and technically, we did not own it. Weird.
I looked around for a while, read JD powers reviews, and researched deals all over. None of that helped, I was still just as clueless. Even more maddening is I found out a few weeks ago that this one Wolf camera location put a $500 DLSR camera on sale for $230...whoa! and of course, I missed it.

So I bought one that seemed like it had the features I wanted and lacked the ones I didn't. What is funny is it claims to "perform like a DLSR" without the DLSR price and bulk. It sold me!

The jury is still out, but hopefully it will have been a good investment. I am going to re-shoot, and re-document alot of my artwork, which seems to be a great way to break in a camera and analyze its performance.