Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I finally have purchased a digital camera, after years of borrowing. I actually realized that we borrowed this one video camera/digital camera (back in the day when cameras were not video but video was camera) for over 3 years, and technically, we did not own it. Weird.
I looked around for a while, read JD powers reviews, and researched deals all over. None of that helped, I was still just as clueless. Even more maddening is I found out a few weeks ago that this one Wolf camera location put a $500 DLSR camera on sale for $230...whoa! and of course, I missed it.

So I bought one that seemed like it had the features I wanted and lacked the ones I didn't. What is funny is it claims to "perform like a DLSR" without the DLSR price and bulk. It sold me!

The jury is still out, but hopefully it will have been a good investment. I am going to re-shoot, and re-document alot of my artwork, which seems to be a great way to break in a camera and analyze its performance.

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