Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I worry, thank god

Lately I have experienced what many people take advantage of every day. I have had the priviledge to live a "balanced" life. What an amazing feeling. I am so elated by the mundane. I say this is a privilege because it is. So many people in industrialized countries live as is they are entitled to health, time, work, housing, food, comfort, and family. These things are not ours to always have. Not all of us are born and given these precious things. Some of us have to work 20 times harder to reach equilibrium. I often am reminded that I am one of these people. There is an upside to this. I beleive, maybe falsely, that I am more appreciative of these precious things I have listed above than most. I listen to the "gripes" of people around me, and I wonder if that "gripe" ever even entered into my radar. Often times the answer is no. I wasn't worried about my GPA, I was worried about my father's blood alcohol level (at the same time maintaining a high GPA). I was never one to be concerned with fashion labels or impressing people. I usually was worried whether or not I would be able to afford any clothing at all. Even the thrift store shirts that cost $.50. I usually was wondering how I was to pay my bills that month, if my spoouse was happy, and wondered whether my family would make it.

My point is sometimes we forget to be thankful for the KINDS of worries we have. Some are superior to others. Analyze your own concerns: Do you worry about paying your rent or whether or not you get that internship? Which one REALLY is more dire? If you don't get that internship, will you be homeless? What about that GPA? Should you be thankful you even have the opportunity to have such things as "GPA"s, to be educated at all? We all say we work for what we have, but do we really? Have you? Look around, and be thankful. You are not entitled. Maybe just lucky.
I feel I am lucky. I am lucky to, at this moment, to have what I have. I have worked for every last stitch of it, but I am still lucky to have had the opportunity. I am so thankful to have what I have, so very very thankful. I have strived for the balanced life, the life I see so many has had given to them. Although nothing good ever lasts, I am taking in every second of this fleeting balanced life of mine.

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