Thursday, June 04, 2009

Locked out from my love

My precious cat and I have been separated. I have locked myself out of my own bedroom, as my cat calls for me on the other side. I tried desperately to create a tool to break in and force screwdrivers to unlock the door and free my little pet. All attempts failed. I await my hispanic maintaince man hero to set her free, and then give a her a good pet (he absolutely adores this cat). Then, he shall conclude with an excited, "bueno!" as he does when he has finished a task in the apartment!
We will see how this drama unfolds. :)


  1. this story is so cute. was Isis really crying for you? that is painfully adorable.

  2. Of course she was crying! She could hear me on the other side, and was royally confused on why we were not together. She is a chubby little whiny sweetheart :)


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