Thursday, July 02, 2009

(pehaps) love project panel 1 a

Panel bud 1 a, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

When you are busy, the key is to keep it small...

This is one of 5 small panels under way for the (perhaps) love project. The idea is that there are 4 artists and 20 panels. Each artist will begin on 5 panels. 1 of each panel will be swapped with each of the other artists, 1 panel will be continued to be worked on by the artist (a self-collaboration, if you will), and 1 will be left alone in its minimal state.

In the end we will have mini-collaborations between each artists (1 from each artist starting the work first), mini-collaborations with ourselves, and 4 single panels that will show the "seed" of each artists idea.

This is the panel I will be collaborating on with myself.

"(perhaps) love project"

"(perhaps) love project" in-progress shots

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