Monday, November 23, 2009

AXIOM: The New Alchemy, a Cheap Paper show

Well, Atlanta-based artist collective Cheap Paper's debut show was a major success! We had a HUGE turnout with all positive feedback. The empty loft space looked absolutely amazing after our 2 day renovation and hard work. Everyone's work looked great in the space!

The entire "AXIOM: baby proof" event, consisting of several Old Fourth Ward's empty commercial spaces turned into exhibitions, a live mural, Fundred Dollar Bill project, DJ, Drive by Press, and such, was pretty awesome.

***Special thanks to Public Acts of Art for getting this event to happen and Wonderroot for sponsoring the Cheap Paper exhibition! Thanks to Danny, Chris, and all of the other incredible people who made this happen!***

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Come see some great ART this weekend!

Response painting 6 b, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Come out and see some great Atlanta ART!

Thursday 11/19- MOCA GA (Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia)
Pin-Up Show: works from local artist members
All works 12" x 16" or under
(yes, I will be showing a little piece)

MOCA Pin-up Show Info

Saturday 11/21- AXIOM's Old Fourth Ward Revival!
Tons of local work by amazing artists
Several exhibitions going down at the same time!

Creative Loafing has the low-down!

One of the shows in AXIOM is "Wonderroot Presents: The New Alchemy, a Cheap Paper show"

Cheap Paper is a brand spanking new [awesome] Atlanta-based artist collective I am a part of consisting of emerging artists trying to survive [and thrive]

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cheap Paper: Atlanta's coolest Artist Collective!

Attention Peeps!

I am a part of a new, progressive Artist Collective called Cheap Paper, consisting of 12 amazing Atlanta, GA based artists!

"Cheap Paper:

Cheap Paper is an Atlanta-based artist's collective, committed to breaking through the recessionary haze to support new and fresh movements in the city's art scene. We are individual studio artists united by our inability to fear our circumstances, and instead choose to embrace them. We are resourceful, creative and determined - despite lack of time, lack of funding, or lack of studio space. We face a new era of art-making, where mediums are often intangible and disciplinary lines are completely broken down, and our "art scene" is not just local - it's global. We have a more serious responsibility to respect environmental concerns, and to work smarter and safer. As a result of these 21st century challenges, each member of our group works as an interdisciplinary artist, using alternative materials and techniques to address contemporary societal observations and concerns. As a collective, our goals are to support one another in our efforts to prove that it is possible to succeed as an emerging artist at this point in time, to encourage growth in our local art community, and to provide one another with fresh and critical perspectives (and maybe a bit of a safety net) while pursuing our individual goals.

In other words...
We make ART!
Please support us by becoming a fan of us on Facebook and following our blog!

Cheap Paper Facebook Fan Page!!!

Cheap Paper Blog!!!

We thank you for your support and time!

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*special thanks to the unknown individual(s) responsible for the photo posted above

Monday, November 02, 2009


Drawing for the sake of Drawing

This is where my mind goes to unknown places. And the absolute best places.

I think the clearest, process the most information, strategize the sharpest, problem solve the best, and have the most intimate thoughts with myself when I am drawing for the sake of drawing

I have been doing this a long time, like many artists, where I begin and end a drawing during a specific time-frame, event, or circumstance. In this drawing, I was in a talk/panel discussion with professional artists speaking about professional practices. Nothing was said that I hadn't thought of before, but in drawing things became clearer. I feel I processed the information better because of the way my mind, hand and whatever other force you can name, all fell in-sync.

I just wish all my other information gathering sessions allowed me this same opportunity.

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