Monday, November 23, 2009

AXIOM: The New Alchemy, a Cheap Paper show

Well, Atlanta-based artist collective Cheap Paper's debut show was a major success! We had a HUGE turnout with all positive feedback. The empty loft space looked absolutely amazing after our 2 day renovation and hard work. Everyone's work looked great in the space!

The entire "AXIOM: baby proof" event, consisting of several Old Fourth Ward's empty commercial spaces turned into exhibitions, a live mural, Fundred Dollar Bill project, DJ, Drive by Press, and such, was pretty awesome.

***Special thanks to Public Acts of Art for getting this event to happen and Wonderroot for sponsoring the Cheap Paper exhibition! Thanks to Danny, Chris, and all of the other incredible people who made this happen!***

Check out pics @: my Flickr and Cheap Paper on Facebook

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  1. Glad it went well! They look great.

  2. sounds like it was an awesome show- congratulations!
    Just found your blog was was really drawn to your work...seems they can be pretty psychedelic in their own elegant way.
    keep creating!
    and thanks for sharing
    -Chelsea Rose


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