Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheap Paper presents "SOLID GOLD" @ MINT Gallery May-June 2010

hand casts, originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

Well, I have been incredibly negligent in posting about current projects, exhibitions, and happenings going on so I am attempting to be better about it.

To start, I'd like to announce the success of Cheap Paper's (an artist collective I am a part of) 2nd show, "SOLID GOLD" @ MINT Gallery in Atlanta, GA May 22nd-June 12th

Cheap Paper, consisting of 11 amazing Atlanta-based artists, thought we would break down the hierarchy of the artist-gallery-curator-patron relationships and open up negotiation to the patron- in essence, cut out the middle man. This is not a new concept, but one we believe in and one we felt was appropriate for our current status. We opened up conversations with guests and patrons with our slogan "Make me an Offer." Patrons were encouraged to offer anything they felt was appropriate: the amount they felt it was worth, what was in their pocket, or anything they could offer- even an oil change or cake. The artist could deny or accept, or negotiate with the patron with no pressure or expectations. Additionally, the patron could find out exactly what the were purchasing by having a one-on-one discussion with the artist about that specific piece. We sold A LOT of work and have stockpiles more to replace the sold pieces and completely change the space for our upcoming re-showings of the show!

"SOLID GOLD" consisted of sculpture, video installations, paper drawings, paintings, balloons, and misc. objects all surrounding the viewer to make them feel comfortable touching and exploring the space.

Cheap Paper will be having multiple viewings of this show:
June 6th- MINT Gallery will be open during the Paper Twin's exhibition for the beltline Sunday evening
June12th- "SOLID GOLD"'s closing reception as part of the "after party" for other local openings, including an opening @ Beep Beep Gallery From 9:30 pm till whenever! This will be GOLD DISCO themed!

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Beep Beep Gallery

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Faux Comforter"

"Faux Comforter", originally uploaded by RobinGillis.

This is an in-progress shot of a side project I am working on for an exhibition in the "Pheonix Flies" events being put on by the Atlanta Preservation Center

21 artists will be showing in a site-specific installation show at the beautiful Daughters of the American Revolution house on Piedmont Ave in Atlanta, GA

Among those 21 are the 11 artists of the new artists' collective, Cheap Paper, including myself. We are an artist collective working together to bring art into our community and conquer the challenge of art making in the hostile environment we call the art world.

The show will be about each artist's relationship to Atlanta, GA, connecting to broader concepts, ideas, and locations

March 6th-22nd is the exhibition

My piece is going to be a hand-made toddler bed with a faux comforter made of envelopes I have saved from my entire life and the present. I am sewing them together to make a blanket of nostalgia and connection to the world as a whole.

I will keep you updated!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roll Year, Roll

Well, the blog is back up, after a month of pure devastation! I accidentally deleted my google account (don't ask), therefore terminating the blog and a year's worth of material! After much stress, struggle, and begging, google finally restored it for me!
A lot has happened during my forced blog-cation:
-After putting myself through college, penny for penny, for 6 years, I finally graduated! (this was celebrated in my previous post)
-I found out my baby sister is pregnant! I am expecting my second nephew, Damien, sometime around the end of March! (That will be TWO hyper boys to deal with now!) - As some of you might know, I am very involved in my nephew (and family's) life. My family is tiny and we are often involved with each other too much (just the way it is) so having my nephews are the closest thing I have to my own kids!
-I am working on/getting involved/planning/planting seeds to a LOT of amazing art projects. Some are my own, some are with collaborations, and some are with my new collective, Cheap Paper. I am super excited about them, and hope to eventually be able to devote unconditional love to them. I'll keep you posted!
-I am on a mission to get a "decent" paying job. Of course, in this climate and with my fields, this could take years. But I am determined to find a position I really love
-In the mean time, I did get a new job as a Geriatric Personal Aid. It is at least in the human service industry. I don't get to do as much art, both inside and outside the job, as I like, but it is flexible. I am just thankful to have a little extra work right now, as many people don't
-I already have several exhibitions booked for this year, and I will keep you updated!
-I've sold a lot of paintings recently and have several commission opportunities
-My father is in rehab, after being intoxicated for over 30 years. I am so proud of him, and hope he gets well soon.
-Ive made it a MUST DO priority to eat the best I can and work-out daily. Ive always been healthy, super strong, and exercised, but Ive decided I have to do this before anything else (REALLY hard!). Even art. Even if I miss exhibition opportunities, I have decided it is worth it.
-and more...

Whew! So, as you can seen, I am a busy woman. I hope the new year has brought some great things to all of you.

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